Andreas Jensen

IMG_9396 Andreas

Northland is a fresh, new and exciting songwriter signed to the already internationally successful TG Management and Production team. Andreas Jensen, 19, has been learning from the best DK has to offer and, has already had successful productions including remixes for successful Danish Artists and DJ’s such as Joey Moe, Alexander Brown, Mohamed Ali and Pete Fox. He is one of the only producers in the world to have been cleared to use Bill Haleys’ 1957 original recording in a record release, for his remix of ”Rock Around The Clock” with Michelle Peters… as far as we know!

While he is progressing to full producer status, with guidance from mentors including Jack Rowan and Darwich in DK he also has mentoring from the Mike Stock & TG signed Artist, top-liner and lyricist Max Preece in the UK.

The last 12 months have included international song-writing sessions, composition submitted for UK TV music producers and international projects along with the intense development of his recognised future production talents.

T.G. Management has been networking carefully to develop this talented young Dane to grasp the world market to showcase his amazing melodic and compositional skills to better and develop his future fresh songwriting & ultimately production sound.

Andreas’s signiture is easily recognised. Simply, it is inspired by the organic and exciting music of the 1970’s and 1980’s. Ready to be rejuvenated for the teenagers of today.

Real organic songs and timeless lyrics influenced by the genius of ledgends like Sir Elton John, Supertramp, Kool and the Gang and Michael Jackson. And, being young and vibrant, driven and well managed, with such great mentors in his grasp, you just know his future is going to be fresh and kicking. Simply living and breathing 2015.

The lyrics he chooses often have a wicked or deep twist, but always with a feel for todays’ flavours and youth culture.

Andreas said in a recent interview with an international UK radio DJ ” I make Pop records with a recognizable hook, but with the flavour of the 70’s and 80’s and with my way of thinking different, exciting my generation for tomorrow”.

Watch this space….

The production is going to be world class as he grows…

The melodies and direction already are!

Thanks for the visit

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