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T.G. Publishing is one of Scandinavia’s most active publishing companies, known for placing songs with artist, who is released throughout the world.

Due to a roster of very active writers and the hosting role of their famous D’Pop / Hide / DPA / DJBFA Co-writing camps – founded in 1998 and still held yearly by T.G. Publishing, and have hosted writers such as; Narada Michael Walden, Orbinson, Rock-a-billy, Robert Hart, James Slater, Billy Lawrie, Hide, Albi, Erik Lidbom, Kit Hain etc. Our co-writes ensure that we always have fresh new material available for any artist who is looking for songs in the commercial pop/dance/pop rock/r&b genres.

T.G. Publishing has a unique cooperation with artists, record labels, producers, writers and publishers on international scale. A network ensuring the best result – a chart hit!


T.G. Publishing often arranges co-writes between our own songwriters and key players from our international network of prominent writers. Either in Denmark or abroad these co-writes ensures a steady flow of exciting new material that combine cultural and musical trends.

The intense and intimate working environment created by both the nature of the studio and more significantly the creative bonds made between the writers throughout the week, helps spawn an almost family-like atmosphere, nurturing each individuals’ creativity and more than often resulting in an amazing quantity of high-quality hits for the international charts.

T.G. Management ApS

T.G. Management, with its now main focus on T.G. Production and T.G. Publishing, specializes in music production and song publishing, and has since its establishment in 1985 been a major part of the Danish and international music scene.


Over the years, the management department has stood behind such prominent artists as Aqua, Cartoons, Me & My, Cut’N’Move, Kato, Caroline, Veronica, Elize, Chipz in Black, Razz, James Sampson, Mirah, Tiggy and many, many more.


The production- and publishing department has – aside from above mentioned artists – produced and written for for the likes of Chipz, Kato, Darwich, Raz, Caroline, Julie Lindell, Linda Andrews, Ace of Base, A-Teens, Dr. Bombay, Corona, Creamy and numerous others, both nationally and internationally.



T.G. Management har med sin management afdeling stået bag så prominente navne som Aqua, Cartoons, Me & My, Cut’N’Move, Razz, James Sampson, Mirah, Tiggy og mange, mange flere. T.G. Management har altid en opdateret stald af aktuelle navne.


Produktion- og publishing afdelingen har – foruden ovennævnte kunstnere – drejet knapper for Chipz, Kato, Darwich, Raz, Ace of Base, A-Teens, Dr. Bombay, Corona, Creamy og utallige andre navne i ind- og udland.