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Music supervision – Licensing and Clearance

Various options: Normal Synch, Master, Print or combined license.

New or old, fast or slow, energizing or thought-provoking the right music for your production is crucial to it’s success. Whether it’s for opening scene of your new film, television, radio, advertising or documentary, selecting the right music to enhance your idea is essential and chances are good that we have the match you need.

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With many years experience in the business, TG Publishing  is a solid full-service independent music sourcing company in Denmark. We provide extensive research and efficient clearance services, we will help you with every step from concept to completion

We have provided everything from pure pop til the more obsurece – we simply love the challange in provinding projects the options they need, within the budget and deadline restrictions.

We work with with everyone who search for the right music:

Directors, creatives, editors, producers,  AP’s, EP’s, DP’s and VIP’s in advertising agencies and production companies.

We help you to get an easy life when it comes to the approval of using the music you want. Our global network of music industry contacts enables us to get clearance for use of tracks quickly and efficiently.

flying-superkids – tv show / several songs last 3 years

dancedancerevolution_hottest_party_2_boxshot – Dance Dance revolution / several songs since 2004 – 2016

bruder-von-luder – we are we are

perho_katos_3_h-hot-santa  – Hot Santa thanks to Michele Vice

 250px-guiding_light_final_logo – several songs thanks to Michele Vice Maslin

help_im_a_fish_uk_dvd_cover – Title song in Denmark with Creamy

butterfly-sync Butterfly