Single from Veronica: It’s my Life

On “About a Girl,” the bold and infectious new single that marks Veronica Jensen’s long awaited breakthrough in the U.S., the Denmark based dance sensation sings with sass and confidence about her playful desire to take over the world even as she’s having a blast partying. With numerous European dance hits and hundreds of live performances under the group name Aycan—and thousands of new fans in China thanks to her deal with EMI Asia—the multi-talented performer and vocal powerhouse is well on her way to achieving that goal.

Penned by six time Grammy nominee RedOne (Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Lady Gaga, Enrique Iglesias) and produced by Rene Dif of famed Danish pop-dance group Aqua (“Barbie Girl”), the track is being released Stateside by Dauman Music. Numerous remixed versions will be released, including one by Luigi Gonzalez (Pitbull, Juan Gabriel).

Veronica got wind of the track soon after she hooked up with Jason Dauman via her manager John Aagaard during her first visit to the U.S. “I love all the stuff RedOne has been doing with artists like J Lo and Enrique, and when Jason offered me this opportunity, I jumped at it. Besides a great melody and groove, lyrics are important to me and the song offers images of girls like me having fun and enjoying the fact that we can do that. It’s like what Cyndi Lauper was singing about, but for the new generation. I liked the whole global conquest idea, too. It’s part ambition, part being whimsical. The essence of that is pretty cool.”

Veronica’s conquest of her home continent began in 2006, when she teamed with renowned producers Darwich, Peter Schroeder and Kasper Svenstrup and became the lead vocalist of their collective Aycan, whose name derives from their belief that they could achieve major success as a collective (“I Can”). Aycan did just that, becoming one of Denmark’s biggest dance bands and hitting the Top Ten on the dance charts in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany with the singles “Devil In Disguise” (which also hit the U.S. dance charts in Billboard), “Divided,” “Seduced,” “Devotion” and a cover of the Kaomo’s French pop hit “Lambada,” which was sampled on “On The Floor” by Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull. These songs also appeared on several hundred dance compilations.

From 2006 through 2012, Aycan performed over 500 live concerts; while they averaged 80 per year, they headlined over 300 shows in 2006. Along the way, the three producers opted out of the group to pursue outside projects, paving the way for Veronica’s success as a solo artist. “Devotion” and “Easy Come, Easy Go” (penned by UK writers who had worked with Britney Spears and Kylie Minogue), the final collaborations Veronica did with the last remaining other member, Darwich, showcased her equal love for pop music.

Signing as a solo artist with EMI Asia, Veronica experienced immediate success as an artist in China as the label began releasing her hits there. She recorded two albums for that market and hooked up as a performer with the Hennessy Artistry tour, sponsored by the cognac maker. The first tour in 2010, featuring Kelly Rowland and Wyclef Jean and Pharell as a spokesman, hit every major city in China, including Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Veronica was also included on the roster for the 2012 tour.

In line with her unique achievements as a musical citizen of the world, Veronica brings a fascinating multi-cultural personal history to the mix. Born in Santiago, Chile, she was adopted as an infant by her Danish parents, who encouraged her musical dreams every step of the journey—first putting her in a folk choir at age 11, then suggesting she join a theatre group, where she performed in several musicals. While she enjoyed both experiences, it was her excitement over the 90s Eurodance music she was introduced to by her older cousin that launched her musical dreams. A huge fan of MTV and VH1, Veronica grew up a huge fan of icons like Michael Jackson, Madonna, U2, Britney Spears and the work of her producer Max Martin. She did catalog modeling as a child and continues to work occasionally in that vein, appearing recently on the cover of the U.S. and Asian versions of the style magazine BWATT.

Excited about the early 2012 release of “About A Girl” in the U.S., Veronica has laid a strong foundation for ongoing Stateside success by meeting and vibing musically with a wide array of well known behind the scenes forces there. During her first visit last year, she worked with Kaya Jones (Pussycat Dolls), Davi Nathan, Deekay and Pamela Owen (who is debuting a new musical in Holland). She also wrote an as yet untitled song with Luigi Gonzalez and Richard Harris that is being considered as a potential follow-up single.

“My goals are simple,” she says, “because I just want to keep doing what I love to do and make people happy and feel something special when they hear my music. I feel very blessed to be able to do what I love the most, and every challenge I face in the music business is an opportunity to learn more about myself and who I want to be as a person and artist. There’s something beautiful about fans telling me that one of my songs helped them through a difficult time in their lives. And while I know for some artists today, it’s all about being racy and taking their clothes off to help sell records, I am all about making good music that excites and inspires people. As I continue to grow as a songwriter, I realize that the ability to deliver a strong performance of a great song is all that really matters.”