Kevin Charge (UK)

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Producer; Songwriter; Keyboard player

Genre/Style:        Pop/Ballad/Funk/Dance/Rock/Musical Theatre (ie everything J) As well as producing/arranging tracks I write lyrics and melody with a particular focus on harmonies and the all important ‘feel’.


Based in the UK, Kevin has been a working musician for 38 years. He started out playing keyboards with his own band working around UK, Europe and Dubai, and through a chance meeting got invited to join a band touring with American artists ‘Odyssey’. From that tour many others followed including George McRae and the Trammps. Whilst not touring Kevin did session work and gigging in his own band. Writing and producing songs for his own band was as far as it went initially but then some of his songs were heard by TG Publishing and they invited him along to a co-writing camp in Denmark (dpop) which was a great success. Shortly after this Kevin was signed by TG as a Producer and Writer and attended camps in Denmark, Austria and Finland. Through TG and the writing camps Kevin was introduced to many great writers and artists and through the power of the net is now collaborating with writers and pitchers around the world including Japan (Soundgraphics), UK (DWB; Notting Hill), Sweden (Roasting house) and Finland (Sugar House). Kevin has also had the pleasure of visiting Japan under invite to co-write directly with Soundgraphics writers.

In addition:

Currently working with writers in Finland on a musical stage show where Kevin has co-written all 26 of the songs and is producing all music, incidentals and full musical score for the show.

Working on a single release for Dr. Alban in Stockholm

Being in the music business for many years has given Kevin a broad understanding of all styles of music and a passion and feel that delivers energy and drive into each work.

Producer/writer at Danish song writing camp ‘D-pop’ for the past 3 years working with writers and artists such as Winston Sela, Julie Lindell and Linda Andrews.

Producer/Writer at Finland song writing camp for Sugar House Publishing working mainly on tracks for a musical with Sonja Bishop, Ann Slanger and Lotte Aagaard

Producer/Writer at Austrian song writing camp working on songs for Universal Austria with writers such as Alex Forbes and Mick Rogers

Producer/Writer for various UK projects

Current cuts/on hold:

– Hurricane
– Matane
-A million miles from home
– Hot Shot
-Going Crazy
– E-Girl
– Revolution
– Fantasy Girl
– Never really liked you

Track on the new album for Danish band ‘Aycan’
Track on new album for Danish artist ‘Julie Lindell’
Track on hold for Bulgarian artist ‘Evailo’
Track on hold for British boy band
Title track and one other track for new British musical due for release 2012
Track on new British movie ‘Tribe’ due for release late 2011
Track on hold for German compilation album release
Track on hold with Universal Germany female artist