Peter Hartmann

 Peter Hartmann who has been with TG since 1995 / Hartmann & Langhoff

The Hitmakers and on the list of the most selling danish songwriters/producer.
They have sold more than most in Denmark – multi million selling team…!

Aqua “Roses are red”  the first single that brooke Aqua with their 14 million selling album world wide (35 weekes on top 50)

Me&My “Baby boy” the nr. 2 single released on their 1.6 million selling album in Japan (still a record selling international artist on EMI Japan)

A-teens ” Lay all your love on me” on their debut album The Abba Generation

Chipz ” Chipz in Black” on their  huge selling record “Chipz in black was also no. 1 in Germany.

Dr Alban: single: “Mr. Dj”

Tiggy: Ring a Ling”, Huge seller in Japan/Asia

Elize “Shake” Big Dutch artist that also sold in GSA and Poland

Cartoons: single: “Doodah” big in Scandinavia and UK (+100.000 albums in UK)

Remix etc:

Corona : Walking on Music

E-Type : Hold your Horses

Nick Kershaw: Wouldnt it be good

Ace of Base : Cruel Summer

Beside that the also did this:

Me & My: single: “Baby Boy” and 2 album tracks on the album Me & My: “Show me” and “So many Times”

Aqua: 2 singles: “Roses are red” and “Lollipop (Candyman)” and 2 other album tracks “In the heat of the night” and “Calling”. All song from the album “Aquarium”

Tiggy All Singles: “Ring a Ling“,  “Simsalabim”, “Daddy Boom” and the whole “Fairytales” album

Dj Little Jam: single: Black Hill

Cartoons  “Doodah” + 1album track: “Lets go Childish”

ChipZ: 4 singles: “ChipZ in Black”, “Gangster Town”, “Waikiki Beach” and “One, Two, Three”. 6 album tracks “In the Game (The football song)”, “The Happy Song”, “Happy Hook”, “The Haunted House”, “Say im your no 1”, “Milky Way”

Elize: 4 singles: “Shake”, “Into My System”, “Automatic” and “No Latino”. 6 album tracks on the album “In Control” : “Lets Dance”, “Bodytalk”, “Rhythm of Love”, “Come Along”, “Sexually Healing”, and “100 %”

Megamix released at DMC ( Disco Mix Club, London ) Winner of mix contest