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Troels billede

I was introduced to production of electronic music around 2006 and bought my first sample pack around 2008. Over the years I’ve become familiar with a variety of electronic genres, from hardstyle, to electro/complextro, to house and pop. January 2014 I graduated with a BA in Sound design from Sonic College. Next I’m getting a MsC in Game design at ITU. 

I’m fascinated and passionate about tweaking of synthesizers. In 2012 I established  the company/label Stabb Sounds, and I have released several successful preset-banks for popular synthesizers under the name Stabb Sounds or the initials STS. The banks are distributed from around 10 popular sample-providers (Dance Midi Samples, Beatport Sounds, Producer Loops/Sounds to sample etc.) Furthermore, I’m a fixed part of the company Tone2 Audioware in Germany, the famous software instrument (vst & au) developer (Firebird, Gladiator, Electra(X), Saurus, Rayblaster and Nemesis). All synthesizers are used and appreciated by a lot of producers and established names within the music industry (Armin Van Buuren, Skrillex, David Guetta). 

My main focus, music-wise, is to produce danceable, commercial (summer) tunes.

Genre-wise I don’t like placing music in “boxes”. However, if I’m asked to label it, it’s progressive-house/pop/electro. 

I’m always on the lookout for skilled topliners and vocalists.

As a side-note, I have a weakness for hard sawtooth basslines and minor stabs. Then… who doesn’t? :))

But seriously, I love the thought of making a difference and giving people a good time.

No matter if it’s in a car, on their way back from work, at a bus stop, or at crowded dance floor.


I’m kind of an aspiring producer and sound designer, and with a naive strong belief, hard work and loads of creativity I will reach my goals and become successful. 


Progressive house:

Repetitive pop:

Dirty electro:


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