So much is happening – but it’s all more than good!

We had an amazing 30th year celebration party. It was 3 hours of pure entertainment and show off what we have done in TG’s story and showing what great talents is connected with TG Family. – it’s a let’s do it again party.

Beside this we have a lot of good news to share:

Nanna was selected to join the delegation going to Japan to work with Sony co-writing for artists. She had just returned home from a writing trip to LA and her next stop for writing is Berlin. We don’t know how she also finds the time she do to set up shows, perform her own songs and release her newest beautiful single “No regrets” co-written with our own Karen Sangvig.

Our writer/producer Andreas and Pernillah has co-written a great song with our very own Max Preece and Jesper Seidelman it’s released on Lifted records “Rock this place”

KEVIN MR. SUPERCHARGE AGAIN ONGOING HITMAKER MAN… His new song Sing your song with SHINee went directly in as on. 1 on the Japanese sales chart – co-written with the magic team man Chris Meyer.

Congratulations to our artist/Songwriter Linda Andrews with her single “Never gonna let you down” – what a great song.

Kirstine is still on one of her long co-write trips in LA but will be back in Denmark end of November where she will be planning her next co-writing trip to Australia, Sweden, Austria, Holland and Copenhagen off cause..

Anne Bell just returned from a great co-writing camp in Berlin and lately in Amsterdam, heard the first fresh songs and they are amazing.

Christoffer our H.E.R.O. frontsinger (love that band) has returned from LA where he co-wrote with Soulshock and Michele Vice-Maslin – check his band out here simple an amazing song.

We were so lucky to have a visit from Japan by Hiroko from Soundgraphics – It’s always great to meet nice people, and she for sure was one..

Veronica is working on a new single that’s going to be released in across countries so stay tuned to see what she’s cooking.

Darwich and Markus is also cooking on a new exciting EDM/Fusion project and so far it sounds wicked..

Well there is so much more going on, but this newsletter is right now getting to long, I’ll keep you updated soon..