More great News from TG

Christoffer Stjerne is part of the LeeLoo succes single Husk at glemme mig – congrats to you Christoffer.

Linda Andrews released her single Born again in your eyes – a beautiful song.

Mr. Darwich release a 2016 mix of You got the love – powerful for sure.

Kirstine Lind is out with a song by Daichi Mura co-written with Daichi Miura, MLC, Yuka Otsuki  – congratulations to you all.

Markus Bøgelund has co-written the song Cynical Life  with Talki Kudo, GASHIMA, Jeff Miyahara and to double it up he also has a song released wiht SUPER FICTION casts SKY-HI co-written with SHIROSE from WHITE JAM.. always great news for a publisher..