Nashville – Midem – D’pop Camp – London – new cuts/releases

Lot’s going on for us right now, sorry for not updating sooner..

We were in Nashville for music buzz conferences and summits where we now have really great connection, if any of you writers want to go there and co-write.

Midem was absolutely awesome and we meet a lot of great people there – entered into new collaborations we work on right now and hopefully can share more great news with you later all good stuff and the sun was good to us, so we reached wine on the beach too. Now next stop for coffee meetings are London, – our hearts goes out to everyone in London for the evil that’s going on there. But “the show (life) must go on”!! As most of you know, we are working hard on getting new contacts in the synch business and it looks like new great connections world wide will work out great for us.

We are happy to say that we have several cut’s this year and releases already, Kevin for one is a major hit maker… Thank you Mr. Supercharge, Anna Bell has released her own album, Nanna is out with new songs, Joachim is working on projects, Kirstine has cuts in Russia and US, Anna Bell cut’s in Asia and so do Christoffer etc. Our writers attended a writing camp in Malmoe, Berlin, Austria and The Netherlands.

D’pop camp is up next end of June, and we can’t wait to welcome everyone, Lis is ready with the great food and hospitality. We will again be 21 writers/7studios and people fly in from Australia, England, The Netherlands, Belgium and off cause Denmark, we are truly excited about this camp.

We will miss a lot of you who normally join us but hopefully we will see you on later camps..