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The TG Family is growing

We are so excited to welcome new members to TG Family:

Joe Cameron  

joeJoe Cameron songs have been placed on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, TNT, HBO, CW, MTV, VH1, TLC. The Style Network, WGN and TV advertisement like “The Voice”, “Today Show”, “Brooklyn 99” and CBS hits “The Big Bang Theory” and “Ghost Whisperer”. Joe is a songwriter for “Sesame Street” on HBO and “Nature Cat” on PBS. His vocal is emotional and he is a funny guy to be around.

Ricky Hanley

Ricky Hanley

Ricky is a wonderful songwriter who started as a bass player and vocalist working with names like Take That, Pet Shop Boys, Mario, Dina Carroll, Cheryl Cole, S Club 7 a.m.m. Ricky has worked with X Factor, JLS, Little Mix, One Direction and has a lot of hit songs in Japan and Korea. His voice will inspire you when writing with Ricky.

PJ Hawn

PJ Hawn

PJ Hawn is simply amazing, his songs and productions is to die for!!!! He is an international songwriter and music producer from UK but based in Australia. His style is Pop/dance style and have written for artist like Knife Party, Deorro, Austin Mahone and Mark Knight. He has worked with artist such as: PJ Powers and Szilvia, Peter Szabro, Ronan Parke and no. 1 hit artist in Europe by Ozen Butchers song “Emergency”.

Alan Roy Scott


Alan is a Hollywood songwriter and music producer with more than 20 years of hit writing. He began with Smokey Robinson, The Temptations and Stevie Wonder but also artist like Celine Dion, Luther Vandross, Cyndi Lauper, Gloria Estafan, Roberta Flack, The Allman Brothers, Sheena Easton, the Neville Brothers, Pat Benetar, Patti LaBelle, The Pointer Sisters a.m.m. have recorded his songs. His TV/Film credit list is really long but a few is “First Wives Club”, “Top Gun”, “Coming To America” “Karate Kid II” etc. His vision is to unite a community bonded by the creation of music.

NINAH Kærsgaard 

Nina Known as  NINAH is a young singer/songwriter who have released two singles in 2019. Her first single is “Trust Issues” and it went top 10. Her style is pop-ish with an attitude, she got something to say and she do it in a way everyone can understand. She’s strong and powerful with a young fresh sound. She’s one to watch out for because she’s going big.

Nick Tart

Nick tart

Nick Tarts vocal and songwriter skills is huge as he says: “I’m very proud of the two albums I have written and recorded with DIAMOND HEAD and the touring we have done was way beyond my expectations, especially performing at Knebworth with METALLICA. Since then he has co-written hit songs and often teams up with PJ Hawn in Brisbane.


Line Spangsberg Eriksen


Line is a pop/EDM and R&B songwriter with focus on writing for other artist. She finds it important to find right direction with the artists she writes with or for and she knows how to make their visions heard in the songs. Her latest artist release is “Possess Me” with Levi.



Jonny Amos

jonny amos

Jonny is fun, fast and talented songwriter/producer with released songs in USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Latvia, Sweden a.m.m. Songs with UK X Factor winner Shayne Ward, Miss D (no. 1 in Portugal) Maria Lawson, Jackie Paladino, Hatty Keane, Honik a.m.m. As a sync writer you find his songs in MTV, Film Four, Sky One. He and Meldra is a strong team with own music business School in UK, they share their knowledge with warm open hearts.



Meldra is a UK based singer-songwriter beside being co-director of the music production compan “The songlab” where her passion is to work with new and emerging artists. At the age of 14 she was the frontsinger in the band “Meldra” with many songs on National and Commercial Radio stations. She perform with Latvian National Opera and given over 600 concerts as a solo artist. Her Album gained the Nomination “Best Pop Album of the year”. She has performed at the Wembley Stadium with Cee Lo Green band and perform with Rod Steward on BBC a.o. Her songs is to be found in “Hollywood Make Over”, “Relax California Style” a.m.m. Meldra has been the voice of the USA Toy Company Mattel for the last 11 years. She’s the sweetest person and a great songwriter.


87jemhPT Mette Veronica is an amazing strong artist, songwriter and business person. She tour with her new single “It’s my life” and is known for Aycan where she toured in China for years. Her album went top 10 and her fans know the songs. As a songwriter she a true pop girl with great melodies and ideas. Someone to watch and work with.


So John has left the building and is now present at ADE. He will bring with him new projects from our writers and producers and is seeking new hit songs for our projects.

It’s the place to be when you are into the club scene and TG certainly are just that. However we are into everything that is commercial, so at the office we await Johns return end of this week, to hear what outcome he’s bringing us.

Dance the night away John


2012-10-23 12.55.25



We are proud and honored to say that TG’s D’pop/Hide camp, where only no. 1s hitwriters attended, has taken place with huge succes.

Writers such as Steven Lee, Takarot, Andreas Carlsson, Albi, Kevin Charge, Andreas Oeberg, Markus, Janne a.m.m. were a cocktail of hitmakers, add to it the amazing guiding of Hide who so willingly talks about what it takes to get a no. 1 – well the outcome is clear, more no. 1 hits has been written.

We have to thank everyone of you writers, producers and business people who came to our camp, without you, it wouldn’t have been such a succes.

Can’t wait till next year.

Back from amazing trip to Korea and Japan

Well back in a warmer climate 🙂 it’s only fair to thank for the warm hospitality I meet from everyone on my trip – I am honored

It was like magic each day a new hold or cuts reached my mail – no better way to start the day.

Left Marcus in the best hands and looking forward to hear the hit music he will create in the months to come. Kevin you are next on the list and I can only say – you will love it there, everyone talks so warm about you and look forward to host you and write with you.

Now back to work on the new opportunities and ideas.