Morten Hartmann


Morten Hartmann


Morten Hartmann is a Danish record producer and songwriter.

Morten was born in Esbjerg, Denmark. As a kid he always loved music, his dad was a songwriter and composer too.

Morten started out producing his own songs back in 2002, back then he was making songs for the EDM scene. But as he developed his sound he started working with people from across the world and making other genres too like Hiphop, RnB and Pop.

He began working and making remixes for many talented people such as, Darwich, Michael Rune, Kristina Korvin, Matt Villan, Markus Boegelund, Avicii, 3iG K, The Magician etc.
As of today he is located in his studio in Southern Denmark where he is mainly focusing on Pop music. But he still has a sweet tooth for EDM.

In 2008 he teamed up with Jack Rowan as they discovered the world of House music.

2009 they formed a duo called “European House Crew” and did remixes of top Danish artist such as Kato, Linda Andrews, Puls ect.

Right after they called it quit in late 2010 he startet a mobil disco and has played several events, until 2013 where he kicked back from Dj’ing to focus on producing.

Now he’s back!

The music he create is Pop, Dance but his main area is Progressive House.

Production and Remixes for:
Michael Rune,
Alexander Brown,
Kristina Korvin,
Matt Villan,
Magnessi & Askari,
Tim Berg/Avicii etc.

His goal for 2017 is to show the world his music and energy.
Best known for: His massive amount of energy

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