Mogens Binderup

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Mogens Binderup

Danish Songwriter and producer, musician (guitar, bass, programmer) arranger, mixer with 20+ gold and
Platinum Awards and over 2 million album sales, télévision and films.
Eurovision Songcontest CV:

Written – or/and produced 9 songs – including one winner, two that became second, and three that
became third. Has also produced for Olsen Bros. who won the Eurovision Songcontest in 2000 with the
song Fly on the wings of love.

Wrote among many other things, what is regarded as the biggest hit in Denmark within a decade: TAXA
– for the biggest and most legendary female artist since the mid eighties: Sanne Salomonsen
Among other artists: Michael Learns to Rock, Bryan Rice, Johnny De luxe, James Sampson

20+ Platinum and gold Awards

Over 2 million albums

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